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Photo: Anke Peters
Photo: Anke Peters


I am Political Scientist, currently serving as Senior Researcher at University of Göttingen's Department of Democracy Studies. I am project manager at the department's Research and Documentation Unit on Political and Religious Extremism in Lower Saxony (Fodex). My main research interests include comparative political attitudes and behaviour, institutional analysis as well as comparative electoral research. I am interested in the individual and institutional determinants of satisfaction with democracy and political legitimacy. A full list of publications is available here.


My courses taught revolve around the areas of Comparative Politics, German Politics in Comparative Perspective, Electoral Research, Political Science Methods as well as Social Science Statistics.


I completed my Ph.D. at University of Lüneburg in 2007. Before coming to Göttingen, I held positions at the Universities of Düsseldorf (2000-2003), Lüneburg (2003-2008, 2013 & 2018-2019), Greifswald, (2008-2016), Oldenburg (2016-2017), and Salzburg (2017-2018) as well as Technical University Dresden (2019-2021).





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I am very happy to finally see another EuroVotePlus product published at JEPOP. Using data from an online survey experiment we examine whether candidates from a voter's Land receive more support than non-regional candidates. We find that regional candidates are indeed preferred. We trace this voting behavior back to socio-psychological identification with one's region rather than to voters' strategic considerations.